What motivates us?

Hello, and welcome to Honey R Us.

We are behind the idea of Honest Honey. For years, you and I have found it nearly impossible to find great quality and fabulous tasting honey. What’s more, we bring you Single Estate honey. Most of us have heard of wild honey and multi-flora, but have you heard of Single Estate / flora honey?

There are over 400 varieties of honey out there, how many have you had? We humbly bring you 12, to start with, a year for you to enjoy with your family. Not only for you to eat, but to apply as cosmetic, to consume for medicinal relief. Honey and its properties are second to none!

We know how much the safety of food means to you, we know how difficult it is to get. This is why we have called ourselves Honey R Us. We wish to be your source of the most authentic information and knowledge when it comes to Honey and Bees, our loyal workers!

It is our unwavering aim to bring you the very best of what Indian bounty has to offer, what other geographies across our beautiful land offers. Many of us know this of cheese and sometimes venture on to say or ask have you tried the Formaggio in crema from Piedmont, the Farmaggio Fiore from Sardinia or Formaggio pressato from Lombardy? These are cheeses from Italy, but from certain provinces and their culture, their moisture, their temperature, climate, milk, and approach is what makes them different in its taste, texture, aroma, and the versatile accompaniment to your platter and senses. And just as the cheese, our honey’s taste, texture, color, aroma and its uses differ greatly from different regions. The flowers, the altitude, the moisture in the soil, the air, the ecological balance, the wildlife that surrounds the flowers, the bees, and their constant struggle to safe–guard their hive collectively brings you this liquid gold.

So, can you imagine the delectable, delicious honey from places like the hamlets of Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Karnataka, Kashmir, Sunderbans, Uttarakhand and the ever-mysterious North East? Honey from each of these geographies is a real treasure in all its glory.

We are proudly Indian and we believe we must have the best of what the world offers, and India is second to none, and not what the world does not eat.

Anything less is unacceptable, because you damn well deserve it!