Who are we & why do we do what we do?

Honey R Us is a young and a pioneering enterprise aimed at bringing you the finest of honey India has to offer of all things seasonal and pricing reasonable. While we are young, we are by no means new to the world of exceptional quality, great tasting gourmet honey and foods.  We believe in "Thy food is medicine and Thy medicine is food".  

Our team is diverse and how!  It is led by an internationally experienced agribusiness professional from the Royal Agricultural University, England, a post graduate in Business Administration from the National University of Singapore, mentored by an Internationally experienced lawyer from the Harvard Law School, a one of a kind bio-mechanic and a Kinesiologist from RMIT, Melbourne, a clinical psychologist from NIMHANS, and a nutritionist and biochemstry from MOP Vaishnav, Chennai and  Dayanand Sagar College, Bangalore respectively.  We have this mix to bolster our products with the knowledge required for the human body, physically and mentally. Honey has long proven to be closely intertwined with physical and mental performance. And we have done some trials and intend to do more.

We got into the honey business not to just provide awesome honey that is pure, organic, and sustainable to bees and humans alike.  That is the least you should expect from us.  We got into it to harness its phenomenal characteristics to help change peoples lives. 

The honey we carry often has added social and environmental benefits.  Some of our varietals tend to be from endangered plant species.  By harvesting honey from those flowers, and by you buying them, you are helping in the propagation and perpetuation of the species. What greater service can there be?